RCH Projects and Developmental Goals

Desspite its achievements, RCH is having difficulties in consistently providing Education, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and holistic quality Health Services to the Nyanje Community. Quality and scale up of our programmes can only come with your dedicated and sustained assistance.

We know the way, we know where we are going,
but we need your “vehicle” to take us there…
Children in need are waiting for us and we are already late!
Dhally Menda

We have goals that we would like to see fulfilled by December 2017, such as:

Opening a RCH Office in Lusaka

Partnerships and attainment to partners’ requests, reports writing, coordination of the RCH activities and safe keeping of documents requires that an office is opened in Lusaka, the Nyanje Village office continues to coordinate the community based activities.

Way Forward:
With the growth observed over the years, the Rural Children’s Hope has opened an office in Lusaka, the Zambian Capital City and seeking to employ a full time Accounting Officer/ Programme officer. More staff needs to be employed to adequately run the office.

The Imena Foundation has initiated a financial support towards this project, by procuring office furniture and paying the rent for 7 months and salary for the Accounting Officer for a period of 5 months.

Improvement of the Staff Conditions of Service at the RCH Schools: Chokato and Mwasiti RCH Schools

The 9 RCH paid teachers get less than 60 US$ per month as salary and work more than 8 hours per in teaching and coordinating school activities. Besides burnout, demotivation is also gaining momentum… They cannot be accommodated I decent houses because they are given as a priority to the Government seconded ones.
As RCH, we struggle to pay our teachers on a regular basis.

Way Forward:
We are looking forward to building a total of 6 more Teachers’ houses at Chokato and 6 at Mwasiti Pre & Primary School.

We are looking for Partners who can assist with funds for the teachers’ salaries (9 Teachers)

We are looking for Partners who can equip the School Blocks and Teachers’ houses with solar equipment for the electrification.

Equip the RCH Resource Centre

Since its completion, RCH has not managed to utilize the RCH Resource Centre as per plan. The building is being utilized as a Pre-School.

Way Forward:
Acquire furniture, Books, Visual Documents and equipment such as computers, printers, LCD Projector, Television, Internet connectivity, etc…
Employ a full time librarian to manage the centre.

Build a second 3×1 School Bloc at Mwasiti RCH Pre & Primary School in Nyanje Village

The RCH has been funded by the Imena Foundation to build a 3×1 classroom school in Nyanje Village. The official opening was done on 01st August 2011 by Margriet and Gerard de Wilde. The space available is not able to absorb all the children who were schooling in dilapidated nearby Community Schools.

Way Forward:
Secure funding for the construction and equipment of a second 4×1 school block.

Improve on Transport

In all our activities, we have faced a lot of problems in terms of transport, both for the workers or volunteers and for the materials used in the construction workers. A lot of money has gone to hiring and delays were also observed in programmes implementation.

Way Forward:
Acquire a utility vehicle (Truck) to facilitate community activities and future construction work.

Provide Primary Health Care Services

RCH offers Primary Health care (Immunization, Growth Monitoring, Ante Natal Services, Health Education, Behaviour Change Communication etc…) to the community with the support of Nyanje Mission Hospital staff and logistics.

Way Forward:
Complete the Clinic which is at window level and equip it.
Construct Health Workers houses.

Improve the Socio-Economic Status of the Nyanje Community Members

Poverty levels are very high in this area and most of the people live on less than a dollar per day.

Way Forward:
Continue the support to the RCH Women Clubs and initiate Income Generating Activities in the area, e.g. construction of piggery in the 7 Villages.