Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

Our Achievements

Safe Water Provision

We provide safe water to our pupils schooling at the Mwasiti, Moyo and Chokato RCH Schools.
The drilled boreholes do also benefit their families, more than 200 households have access
to safe water.

Boreholes Drilling

A total of 9 Boreholes were drilled for the provision of safe water to 14 Villages.

  1. Chinyimba and Kathumba
  2. Chokato Teachers’ Compound and Mpeni
  3. Kasomekela, Chigwa and Chafewa
  4. Katiyi and Kalanda
  5. Kawenda and Tsumba
  6. Kayezya and Masinja
  7. Nyamasunda School, Moyo, Matiya, Damboa and Chimwanza Villages.
  8. Nyanje Village
  9. Chokato School
  10. Moyo Village

Boreholes Maintenance

Through the trained pump menders, we ensure a regular maintenance of our boreholes.

Sanitation Provision

We provide sanitary outlets (Toilets) all our pupils in our 2 schools

Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education

We provide continuous Water, Sanitation and Health Education (WASHE) to our pupils.

Programme Description

pupilsAtMwasitiThrough our water and Sanitation Programme, we provide safe water AND encourage children to use pit latrine and always wash their hands after using the latrines. Most of the pupils used latrines for the first time at school; since the surrounding villages do not have tem…they use the bush.

Our aim is to provide boreholes and latrines to all the primary schools in the Nyanje area, Sanitation and Hygiene education to 3,000 people living in the 10 RCH Villages, so that the people may have safe water and break the deadly contamination cycle of defecation in the bush, contaminated water from shallow wells and ponds, and unsafe hygienic practices.

Our Approach

Water Committees:

NyanjeChildrenFetchingWaterThe Villages have formed Water Committees, comprising of both males and females community members. These committees monitor the usage of the water from the boreholes and collect a small fee of the equivalent of 1/5 US$ per month from household getting water from the borehole. The raised fees allow the committees to hire the services of the local pump menders, for the regular servicing of the boreholes.

Safe water Provision:

Provide safe water to our communities through the drilling of boreholes.


IhaveToDrawWaterWe raise awareness on sanitation issues in our schools and teach our pupils on how to use pit latrines and do the hand washing after utilization of the latrines.


We have managed to tremendously reduce the water born and water washed diseases among our pupils and in the households which utilise water from the drilled boreholes.


  • Funds for the maintenance of boreholes.
  • We still have a long way to go in convincing the local community in the construction and
    utilization of pit latrine. The community defecate in the bush, to allow their pigs to feed
    on the faeces they leave behind.