Health Services

Our Achievements

Child Health

  • We provide immunization services to under 5 children
  • We provided Growth Monitoring to under 5 children

Behaviour Change Communication – BCC

  • We provide BCC activities to our pupils, both at Mwasiti, Chokato and Nyamasinda RCH Schools
  • We provide Sexual and Reproductive Health education to Teenage Mothers that we support

Food Supplement

  • We provide nutritional supplement – 40×5 Liters of cooking oil containers, 70×25 kg Mealie Meal, and 4×50 kg of peas- to our pupils at Chokato RCH School.

Our Approach

health01As RCH, we do not have health workers and Community Health Workers (CHWs). In the delivery of our Maternal and Child Health Services, we work hand in hand with Nyanje Mission Hospital staff and the existing CHWs. On a monthly basis, the Nyanje Health workers travel 8 Km to immunize and weight the under 5 children coming from the surrounding villages.

The weighing of children and plotting in the under 5 five card is being done by the local Community Health Workers. The CHWs provide door-to-door health education, treat basic ailments, collect health related information in the community and refer patients to Nyanje Hospital.

At the school level, we provide to our pupils Nutritional Supplement, with the support from the Ministry of Education. This has improved the health of our pupils and reduced on absenteeism.

In the provision of Behaviour Change Communication, we utilize the Peer Educators and the local Drama Groups, who conduct in and out of school HIV and AIDS education to the children. In our schools, teachers also educate pupils on HIV prevention and Life Skills.

health02Trough sport (EduSport), for both girls and boys, we also provide HIV and AIDS and Reproductive Health education to the in school and out of school youths. In view of offering a combination of preventive, curative, rehabilitative and promotive health care services, we decided to build near the Chokato RCH School teachers’ Compound a Health Clinic.

Once completed, this clinic will provide Primary Health care service to more than 3,000 people living in the surrounding villages and who have to walk an average of 8 Km to seek health services at Nyanje Hospital. Pregnant women will no more be transferred in ox-cart to deliver still births and suffer maternal death.

Challenges and Way Forward

  • We have not managed to complete the construction of the RCH Health Clinic. RCH is looking for Partners who can assist with:
    • Funds to allow it complete the construction of the Clinic
    • Medical equipment to furnish the Clinic, once completed
    • Funds to build 2 Health Workers’ houses
  • The BCC activities are inconsistent and IEC materials are lacking.
    • IEC Materials required from well wishers
    • Funds for the training of Drama Groups and Teachers in BCC needed
  • Teenage pregnancies are still high and endanger the health of the adolescent girls schooling in our schools.
    • Train Teachers and Peer Educators and form “Anti 5910+ Clubs”.
    • Carry out awareness campaigns on Gender Based Violence.
    • Procure a motorbike for the supervision.