RCH School Programme Description

PupilsInClassAtMwasitiRCHSchThe Rural Children’s Hope – RCH – involvement in education started in 1996 with the Pre-School which Christine Menda opened in an abandoned Nyanje Hospital Hall.

Because of the limited number and enrolment capacity of primary schools in the areas, children were denied access to education and ended up in the streets and looking after animals.

In 2003, we built Chokato RCH School, to offer free quality education to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) coming from very poor families, who were not reached by the mainstream national education system. We give priority to the girl child and boys who are being exploited by their parents/guardians through house chores and cattle keeping.

Rural children’s Hope is offering Early Childhood Development and Education. RCH is planning to open another ECDE centre in Lusaka

Our Approach

We offer nationally approved programmes at our 3 primary (Mwasiti RCH Pre-and Primary, Chokato RCH and Nyamasinda RCH) Schools, located in Nyanje, Mpeni and Moyo Villages, Nyanje area.

Menda Early childhood education Centre is under construction at Nsato village using local material with the help of the community meanwhile children are learning under a tree.


RCHteamTo keep its pupils, both girls and boys fit,
through Sport such as Football, Netball and Athletics.

Production Unit

In view of improving its financial base and improve the health of its pupils,
the School maintains a Maize Field and a Garden in which vegetables such as rape,
onion and tomatoes are being planted.

Developmental Programmes

The collaboration between the community, the Headmen, the Parent and Teachers
Association members, the Teachers and RCH Executive has made development possible
both for the school and in the villages.

In view of improving the socio-economic status of their villages, the community members
mould bricks which they later on sale to RCH for its building projects. In 2010, 5 villages
managed to mould and burn a total of 75,000 pan bricks.

Teachers’ Houses

ImenaTeachersHAs RCH, we want our teachers to be closer to the school,
have a decent home and adequately prepare their lessons
and always be in time for classes. We have managed to provide
housing to only three teachers.

Success in Grade 7 Examinations

Generally, the performance in our schools was not good, due to the increase in the cut off points. We are working hard into the improvement of our performance.

Chokato RCH School: 17/34
50% of our Grade 7 Pupils passed the National Grade 7 Test for Primary School completion.

Mwasiti RCH School: 5/21
24% of our Grade 7 Pupils passed the National Grade 7 Test for Primary School completion.

Nyamasinda RCH School: 8/13
62% of our Grade 7 Pupils passed the National Grade 7 Test for Primary School completion

Sporting Activities

Our pupils participated in football, Netball and Athletics sporting which took place in the area.

Accommodation for Teachers

Maintained the 4 Teachers houses in the RCH Compound.

Teachers’ Code of Conduct

Respect of Children’s Rights and Good morals among teachers and pupils and being enforced.

Library at Chokato

Pupils continued reading the 856 library books, play the 17 assorted games and lego.

RCH Pre-School Enrolment

Educated a total of 96 under 6 children in the 2 levels pre-school classes

RCH Schools Enrolment

Chokato RCH School:
Educated a total of 343 children from Grade 1 to Grade 7: 190 Girls and 153 Boys.

Mwasiti RCH School:
Educated a total of 294 children from Pre-school to Grade 7: 161 Girls and 133 Boys.

Nyamasinda RCH School:
Educated a total of 233 children from Grade 1 to Grade 7: 111 Girls and 122 Boys.

School Drop outs

1 Girl pupil got pregnant,
1 Girl pupil got married

Material Support to RCH Pupils

Pupils in our Schools benefited from various donations of school materials, uniforms, clothes, shoes, football jerseys, etc…

Support from the Ministry of Education (MoE)

The Petauke MoE continued to support our schools through teachers capacity building, small grant at Chokato and other logistics

Be a 3H Partners

3hpartner3H: Heartfelt Helping Hand
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