Who Are We?

The Rural Children’s Hope is a For-Purpose Organization tha was founded by Dr. Dhally M. Menda and Mrs. Christine N. Mwasiti Menda, with a purpose of educating children and improving their lives and that of people around them.


First registration: 24th day of September 2003. Following a change of NGO Act, RCH was re-registered on 02nd October 2014 with the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health (MCDMCH) under the Registration Number RNGO 101/0354/14

Vision, Mission and Core Values


Our vision is a Zambian society where all children enjoy their rights.


The Rural Children Hope, as a For-Purpose Organization, is committed to humanize and improve the living standards of children by disseminating, promoting and defending their rights (moral, physical and mental) through the provision of Education, Health Care Services and Water and Sanitation and social-economic empowerment.

Core Values

In view of reaching our vision and achieving our mission, the RuralChildren’s Hope shall be guided in all aspects of its work by the following core values:

  • Imagineering
    In RCH, we encourage our staff to be day dreamers and coming up with unrealistic goals.
  • Positivity
    In RCH, we distance ourselves from workers and partners who produce negative energy
    and who are pessimistic.
  • Work as a commitment
    In RCH, we do work as unto God. We transform “Love”, which is a
    very small letter, into a big one, by adding all its attributes.
  • Excellence
    In all RCH work, we give the best of ourselves.
  • Transparency
    In RCH, all activities are X-rayed.

Our Image


The Child:

As RCH, we focus on Girls and Boys who are overshadowed by social and economic injustices. Children gaze. RCH gives.

The Bleu & Red Rainbow:

The rainbow typifies the covenant between the Rural Children’s Hope and the Children. The Blue of Hope and The Red of Rights illuminate children’s faces.

The Girl and Boy holding hands

As the sun rises, till its setting, RCH works with both Girls and Boys and their Guardians, without sex discrimination.


The main RCH Office is located in Nyanje, behind the Nyanje Village Local Court, Sinda District, Eastern Province of Zambia and can be contacted through this address:

Rural Children’s Hope “RCH”
P. Bag 20
Sinda, Sinda District, Zambia
E-mail: rch.founders@gmail.com
Executive Director: cmwasiti@gmail.com
Web Site: www.hoperch.org

RCH Lusaka Branch:
Rural Children’s Hope “RCH”
PO Box 36019
Lusaka, Lusaka District, Zambia
Plot No A 214 New Kanyama, Lusaka
E-mail: rch.founders@gmail.com
Executive Director: cmwasiti@gmail.com
Web Site: www.hoperch.org

Financial Management

The Rural Children Hope holds its accounts with:

1.The Zambia Commercial Bank, under the following banking details:

Zambia National Commercial Bank
Petauke Branch
Branch Code: 010005
Swift Code: ZNCOZMLU
Account Name: Rural Children’s Hope
Account Number: 0050210000003617

2.Barclays Bank, under the following banking details:

Barclays Bank
Long Acres Branch
Branch Code: 020017
Swift Code: BARCZMLX
Account Name: Rural Children’s Hope
Account Number: 1320216

Where we Serve…

We serve in Zambia, where 61% of children live in rural areas and where 1 in 4 is an orphan

Our Leadership


Dr. Dhally M. Menda
MD, MPH, MBA, Author, PhD(c)
RCH Founder Chairman

After seeing the exploitations and discriminations to which the rural children were being subjected to, Doctor Dhally M. Menda, who is a Minister of the Gospel, decided to create an organization which could make a stop to the abuse of children’s rights. dhally.menda@gmail.com


Christine N. Mwasiti Menda
Dip IT, BBA, Degree in Community Development
RCH Co-Founder and Executive Director

Passionate with the children’s education and community work, Christine co-founded the Rural Children’s Hope. Christine Mwasiti Menda serves as RCH Executive Director. Her mission is to put back a smile on the face of children.

Our Staff and Volunteers

The RCH unsung heroes: our zealous, selfless and dedicated teachers.

The RCH unsung heroes: our zealous, selfless and dedicated teachers.

Teen 4 RCH

David and Rebecca Menda have been working with the Rural Children’s since their childhood and have been heading the Caring Children’s Team – CCT – aimed at empowering children in the fight for their rights and that of the guardians.


Be a 3H Partners


3H: Heartfelt Helping Hand
Become a RCH -3H Member by:

  • Supporting a child in school;
  • Contributing to the Teenage Mothers’ Educational Fund;
  • Supporting the salary of a teacher; and
  • Supporting the construction of a School.